Quality Self-adhesive paper are designed for photo-quality images and crisp black text. Each Self adhesive white photo-quality paper with matte or glossy finish features a perforation lines on the back for easy base removal. Also ideal for custom sized and shaped labels, gift tags, and signs. Bright white, adhesive-backed paper with a silky finish. Produces photo-quality images and crisp black text


White and transparent polypropylene intended (but not restricted to) for Indigo digital printing. One of the main advantages of this type of films is that they are very durable for use in aggressive environments and tear resistant. In addition the printing and adhesive qualities makes them easy to use

Polypropylene is one of the most common synthetic materials for the production of sticky labels for industrial and recycled material unlike other materials
Properties of polypropylene are tough and long retention capacity before and after printing and can achieve a better match with polyester inks. Minute adhesive polypropylene combined with transparency makes it virtually invisible on the package. Which in turn causes the illusion that text or images appear on the packaging itself and not on the label., Intaglio printing and silkscreen printing. Good resistance to mold, warp, wear, wrinkling, peeling and bubbling

Developed specifically for applications where high transparen sticky labels ar necessary. It has a excellent glossy finish. Improved resistance to moisture and staining by acids and oils, does not contain migratory additives. Balanced polymer processing technique translated into superior cutting performance. Not affected by refrigerated storage

Polyester film (white & clear) for b/w and color laser printers and copiers and copiers with normal temperature mode. Print with resolution up to 2880 dpi. Excellent contrast and sharpness of the images. For printing of presentation slides and line mechanicals. 

Polyester film is designed for printing on black-and-white and several types of colour laser printers and copiers with normal temperature mode. Films with one-sided coating provide excellent contrast and sharpness of the image with high resolution. 

The films are thermo stabilized, antistatic and perfectly hold the toner. At cartridge loading, films with a paper mount necessary for static elimination are used. After the print has been made, the paper mount can be easily removed. Used for printing of presentation slides and line mechanicals (photo-forms) without being reused