Coated polyester film suitable for digital presses including Xerox, HP Indigo, Canon, etc.
Laser Film offers excellent toner and ink adhesion, clear and sharp images along with superb runnability.
An assortment of high quality films, Laser Film products have been approved for a large variety of applications. The various grades consist of different types of base films, suitable for both conventional   and digital printing methods, as well as for variable data printing at later process stages 

Laser Film stands out thanks to excellent properties: 

   Good toner anchorage 
   Brilliant print quality 
   Excellent runability 
   Dimensionally stable 
   Stiffness and longevity

Alongside the above properties Laser Film products are also chemical and heat resistant and perfectly suitable for outdoor application



We offers wide range of certified films for HP Indigo digital presses

Enjoy the benefits of our enhanced digital films, treated with the most advanced film coating available for HP Indigo presses. This treatment formula is designed to enhance all aspects of printing on film, offering unparalleled performance and printability with exceptional ink adhesion. Revolutionary  coating will not yellow over time, and has an unprinted shelf life of two years and an unlimited printed shelf life.

Whether your project calls for durability, longevity, surface compatibility, ease of finishing, Polyplak Films have something for every application

Polyplak Films eliminate the complexity of offset printing. With little or no drying time and immediate post-processing capabilities, they make printing on films effortless



   Point-of-Purchase Displays

   Shelf Wobblers & Aisle Violators

   Bumper Stickers

   Packaging Labels

   Window Signage

   Menus & Maps

   Warning/Safety Labels

   Seasonal/Novelty Stickers